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The Daily Nationalist: Amber Rudd’s Jihadi Detector - DN 021318

dn 021318

Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to talk about four stories in the news, Labour banning White males from attending a meeting, Jews banning non-Jews from human rights and equalities legislation, Al Quida tweeting support for Israel and Amber Rudd’s new detect-a-jihadi app.

The UK Labour Party have already been in trouble for discriminating against Whites and now they have been caught doing it again and mocking Whites as well for being annoyed at it. The Conservatives aren’t much better, they are already too scared to have a White man comment on the subject and keep leaving it to their token Black minister to do the job instead.

Turning this behaviour on it’s head, Israel are quite happy to discriminate against anyone who is not Jewish and have just made a law to ensure Jewish communities remain Jewish, while insisting that Jews can still become nationals in whatever country they are residing in.

Staying with Israel, Syria has finally responded to one of the many acts of war that Israel have been guilty of carrying out on sovereign Syrian territory. They shot down an Israeli plane for flying over their land in order to attack Iran and succeeded in killing one pilot and injuring another. While the Shiite crescent are celebrating this, Al Quida have been cheering for Israel on Twitter, which makes a mockery of the supposed banning of ‘extremist’ content from social media platforms.

Perhaps this tweet was sent before Amber Rudd unveiled her new app that is capable of identifying and removing 99% of all extremist jihadi content, but is not capable of removing White Nationalist content. This app has cost her $600,000 to create, when one of us could have easily shown her how to identify Moslems and saved her a lot of time and money. But then if we did it we’d be accused of racial profiling and hate speech.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: Amber Rudd’s Jihadi Detector - DN 021318


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