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The Daily Nationalist: Civil War is Coming to South Africa – DN 022818

dn 022818

Billy Roper joins Sven Longshanks to talk about Blacks in South Africa re-writing the constitution so they can legitimise all the farm murders, the Congoid IKEA murderer explaining why he killed a White mother and son and the UK Labour Party making a mixed-race pervert who has mutilated his genitals into their equalities policy advisor.

Radical Marxist opposition leader Julius Malema has pushed forward a new bill, that would take all the remaining land that is in the hands of White farmers. This would also legitimize all farm murders, if the Whites refuse to hand over their lands and property.

The Blacks claim the land is theirs, when there were no Blacks there when South Africa was settled. Years later the Whites kindly allowed them in to the country to share in the benefits that White civilisation brought and this is the way they were repaid for that kindness. South Africa is heading for a civil war and will be as bad as Haiti and Zimbabwe within a decade. Real justice would be to just bomb the place flat and then hand it back to the Negroes in the condition that it was found in, with no infrastructure whatsoever.

Eritrean failed asylum seeker Ukbagabir has finally explained why we he murdered a White mother and son in IKEA,  shit just happened and he did not foresee the consequences of his actions. By this he does not mean that he was unaware they would die, he says he thought they would go to heaven, what he means is that he did not realise that at some point in the future he would be punished for this. This is because Negroes are not capable of abstract thought, although they are very good at copying the White man’s behaviour, they have no understanding of why we do things such as ‘do not murder’.

The Mulatto trans-sexual ‘model’ who shocked the world with it’s hatred of White people, claiming we were all racist from birth through White privilege, has now been hired by the Labour Party as an equalities legislation policy advisor. Could there be any better example of the hatred the Labour Party has for White people? The creature claims that racism is in our genes, therefore the only way to stop racism is to kill us all. This is the logic of the Liberal, they forget the fact that everyone is a racist, everyone prefers the company of their own race, even the trans-sexual. It is the most natural thing in the world to love your own people and one day our people will realise this and our enemies will have nothing left to hide behind.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

The Daily Nationalist: Civil War is Coming to South Africa – DN 022818


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