The Daily Nationalist: Dresden Arrest Draws Attention to Jewish Lies – DN 022118 - Radio Aryan


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The Daily Nationalist: Dresden Arrest Draws Attention to Jewish Lies – DN 022118

lady renouf

Billy Roper joins Sven Longshanks to talk about the Dresden memorial meeting that was stopped by Police at the weekend, but first we learn a bit about how Billy Graham used to be a racialist before he realised that he could make more money promoting diversity. He was also a bit of hypocrite, talking about Jewish control of the media in private, while hiding it in public, but he did at least call his ministry ‘The Crusade’ which would probably get him called an islamophobe if it was today.

Lady Michelle Renouf was arrested in Germany on Saturday for saying the only people holocuasted during the war were Germans.

The word holocaust means destruction or slaughter on a mass scale especially caused by fire and is derived from an old Hebrew word for a sacrifice that was burnt to a crisp. It has nothing to do with gassed Jews and Lady Renouf was using the term in it’s correct dictionary context by saying that the Germans in Dresden were holocausted. If she has been arrested for that, then she stands a good chance of them dropping the charges of heresy against her and even if they do continue with their case, by being arrested she has drawn a lot of attention to what she was saying in the international media.

Richard Edmonds was there too and since he was prevented from giving his speech, he has kindly made it available to us in English so that we can hear it. He quotes members of Churchill’s government to prove that they were proud of killing all the civilians with the firebombing. He also shows that Britain started the bombing attacks in the summer and Germany did not retaliate for them until the winter. It is a war crime to aim your weapon at a civilian and let alone bomb millions of them in a sustained terror-bombing campaign.

Thank God we have brave Nationalists like Richard Edmonds and Lady Renouf who will never let the crimes of the Allies and the slanders against the Germans be forgotten.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

The Daily Nationalist: Dresden Arrest Draws Attention to Jewish Lies – DN 022118


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