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The Daily Nationalist: The First Black Briton Hoax - DN 020718

dn 020718

Billy Roper joins Sven Longshanks to discuss a huge hoax being played on the British people that they are all descended from a 10,000 year old Negroid.

Cheddar man was always said to be around 7,000 years old (changed to 9000 today on Wikipedia), but now we are being told he was a negroid, his age has suddenly changed to 10,000 years old. Since blue eyes and blonde hair apparently first appeared around 6,000 BC in the Black sea region, that means a White man evolved in just 4,000 years. This is quite clearly rubbish and the whole news story has been concocted to promote the idea that non-Whites have always been in Britain.

There is no proof that this creature was originally dark skinned, the same genes that turn negroes Black switch freckles on in White people. This is purely a piece of propaganda and it has even been paid for by the UN, who hired their Jewish scientist to find evidence that changes in diet led to changes in skin colour. He also claims that we all originally came from Africa, yet it is the multi-origin hypothesis that now has the most support and fits in with the evidence.

The press release also make mention of many migrations of humanoids into Britain, but as usual discounts the idea that White people migrated to the north from the fertile crescent once we had reached the level of technical proficiency necessary for living in the cold. He implies that we evolved in caves from this one negroid and even fantasizes about what tools it used and the food that it ate, when there was nothing around it but the remains of half eaten humanoids from another race.
White people have not changed since the first evidence we have of White people existing, either this creature was wiped out by us or it was a slave, but it was definitely not an ancestor.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

The Daily Nationalist: The First Black Briton Hoax - DN 020718


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