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The Daily Nationalist: A Rotten Tree Bears Rotten Fruit – DN 022718

dn 022718

Natt Danelaw joins Sven Longshanks to talk about the madness of trying to raise the intelligence and ability of the negroid.

The Greeks refused to acknowledge them, the Egyptians banned them from even setting foot in their land and the Romans called them brute beasts fit for nothing but destruction. The idea that you can raise the intelligence of a Negro up to White standards by giving him good nutrition and an education just encourages him to breed even more. The only way to significantly raise the IQ of another race is if it breeds with a race with a higher IQ. which is why the American Mulatto has an IQ 10 points higher than the Negro average. The South Koreans have better nutrition than the north, but the IQ difference is only a few points, nowhere near the 20 points needed to raise the Negro to the White average.

Studies have been done where Negro infants were adopted by middle class White families and as adults they still had the same average Negro IQ and they still had the same high propensity for crime and low impulse control. The White school children that are forced to be educated alongside them do not bring them up to their level, it just drags the White children down to their level. Working class Whites are now doing the worst out of any identified group at school in Britain.

Because the Negores are taught the only difference between us is skin colour, they think the only reason they fail to meet the White man’s standards is because he is keeping them down. This breeds resentment and anger against us and encourages even more criminal behaviour from them. On top of that, if they do realise that it is an innate racial difference between us, they are then faced with the fact that even though we have the ability not to behave like them, we still do. That is going to make them even more jealous and feel life has been even more unjust towards them.

Looking after the ungrateful Negroes costs our nations an absolute fortune in time and resources and it is all going straight down a black hole with no end in sight. The blackapocalypse will soon be upon us if we don’t face up to reality and release them back into the wilds, where they can live among their own people, in their own habitat and with their own unique diet.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Natt Danelaw

The Daily Nationalist: A Rotten Tree Bears Rotten Fruit – DN 022718


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