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The Daily Nationalist: St Valentine’s Day - DN 021418

dn 021418

Billy Roper joins Sven Longshanks to talk about St Valentine and his day. The man himself was beaten, stoned and decapitated for marrying young Christian couples against an edict of Emperor Claudius II. His reasoning for banning marriage, is that it meant the young men would not then be able to serve in his army. It was a custom at the time that a groom did not have to serve for a year, as he would be less inclined to lay down his life for his nation if he had a new wife on his mind. The honeymoon is what remains of this tradition today.

At this time, marriages were all still arranged and anyone marrying for lust was looked down upon. Romance would occur, but much later on in the relationship and after the marriage, as the young maids would be guarded from seeing any men apart from their father until the marriage day, when usually they would fall in love at first sight with the suitor whom their father had picked. Marrying who you were told to ensured fulfilment of the obligation to honour your father and mother.

Although it would be naive to think we could go back to arranged marriage today, it is still the traditional ideal that practically guaranteed there would be no divorce and the marriage would last for life, providing the children with a stable home and the best blueprint for their own adult married lives.

The more sexual partners there are, the higher the chances of divorce. It is practically unknown for virgin marriages to ever end like that, yet instead of promoting this as the ideal situation that is most conducive to happiness for all involved, we are encouraged to have as many sexual partners as we feel like.

Thankfully there are some encouraging signs that young people today value virginity much more than may at first be apparent. 58% of teens agree that sexual activity is not acceptable for high-school age teens, 82% wish to have one partner for life, 80% of girls wish they had not had sexual intercourse and perhaps most surprisingly of all, 87% do not think it is embarrassing for a teen to admit they are a virgin. These statistics are from 2017 and were taken from Statistical Brain Research Institute.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

The Daily Nationalist: St Valentine’s Day - DN 021418


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