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The Daily Nationalist: A Weapon to Change Perception – DN 022618

DN 022618

Simon Sheppard of joins Sven Longshanks once again to talk about his latest article for Heritage and Destiny and what happened at his court case last week.

The Black professional victim who was hoping to get a free house and see Simon jailed, failed to appear in Court. Despite the huge waste of tax payer’s money this caused, the Judge still allowed the prosecution another month to see if they could persuade him to come in. The shrinking violet has told the council and police that he is too scared of the wicked racist to face him, when really he does not want to be cross examined about his lies.

Simon has been working on an article to do with the modern day media of radio and television and it struck him that there is no evolutionary precedent for them. We have no natural defences against the mainstream media as we naturally think that it is a voice of authority. When the first movies were being made in America, there were even Russian agents watching who reported back to Moscow that there was an amazing new technology available that could change the public’s opinion on things over night.

We are taught that cinema is an art form, but it’s primary action is on changing our perceptions about things in the same way that our perceptions would be changed by real experience.

To finish the podcast Simon talks about some of the anomalies in science found at and why the Jews promote science as if it is all established fact, when much of it is still just theory.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Simon Sheppard

The Daily Nationalist: A Weapon to Change Perception – DN 022518


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