The Daily Nationalist: Welcome to the Pagan Laser-Butt Gay Disco – DN 021618 - Radio Aryan


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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


The Daily Nationalist: Welcome to the Pagan Laser-Butt Gay Disco – DN 021618

dn 021618

Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks to talk about the normalisation of homosexuality and a warning about the threat of returning jihadis from Syria.

The Young Boy Dancing Group’ are a bunch of degenerates who crawl around the dance-floor with lasers and other objects stuffed into their orifices. The room is made to look like a witches circle, with candles and incense and this interactive ‘performance’ is being taken around Europe, with audiences showing their appreciation by also inserting various objects into themselves. The only difference between this and the Dionysian rites being performed in Rome just before it fell is the modern technology that is being inserted.

Any society that tolerates this behaviour can hardly complain when paedophiles think it is ok to rape children and today a leading UNICEF children’s rights (sic) campaigner has been found guilty of sodomising a 12-year-old child in the sixties. If this took place back then, how many more young boys have been abused by him since? Children do not have any rights, they are the property of those who created them and not the property of the government or UNICEF. The whole point of ‘Children’s Rights’ is to give them the adult right to consent to sex, so perverts like this one can rape them without fear of legal repercussions.

A military analyst has been on Czech TV warning about the threat Europe faces from returning jihadis who have been trained by American military advisors and Islamic State. Instead of taking the threat seriously, the interviewer tried to say that this was nonsense, yet 350 have already returned to Britain to join the 3,000 that MI5 already admit are in the country. The government have been welcoming them back and accommodating them, when they should have been hanging them for treason, the same as they hanged White people for the same crime when they helped Germany during the war.

We are at war in Europe and the military advisor is entirely correct in what he says about it, along with the blindness of the EU governments as to where the threat is coming from.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Florian Geyer

The Daily Nationalist: Welcome to the Pagan Laser-Butt Gay Disco – DN 021618


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