The International Jew: How Jewish International Finance Functions – TIJ 022618

tij 022618

Ted Midward presented Part 32 of his series on The International Jew by Henry Ford, continuing on the theme started last week about how Jews like Paul Warburg bought support from presidents by supporting both candidates in their campaigns. This week he looks at Jacob Schiff.

Schiff wanted the Japanese as Jewish allies and he helped finance their war against Russia, in order to weaken the country so the Bolsheviks could take over. Ted explains how Schiff sent funds to Japan, so the Russian POWs could be brainwashed with the principles of Marxism. He was widely known in New York at the time as the banker behind the murder of the Czar and his family.

Otto Kahn was another ‘German’ Jew that was groomed to be an intermediary between Europe and America. One of the nicest bits of work Mr. Kahn has done is to denounce "pro-German propaganda" which he says has exasperated Americans into being in favor of France, instead of Germany.

Warburg had as much to do with the German war government as he did the American war government, he had Jews working for him on both sides during the war. It was his bank that forwarded the funds to Trotsky so that he could destroy Russia and once that was started, another Jew, Walter Rathenau devised the Bolshevik system of centralising all industry, material and money.

Wherever the Jews are their fundamental loyalty is to other Jews and not to the country in which they reside and through this loyalty, they have manipulated the financial systems of the world in order to make them all serve the Jews.

Presented by Ted Midward

The International Jew: How Jewish International Finance Functions – TIJ 022618

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