The International Jew: Jew Wires Direct Tammany's Gentile Puppets - TIJ 020518

tij 020518

Ted Midward looks at Jewish control in New York for this week’s episode of Henry Ford’s ‘The International Jew’.

For a while they talked about taking over New York city entirely and turning it into a new state, but that would mean all the non-Jews moved out leaving no-one left for them to parasite from.

Instead, they decided to just take the place over and install gentile puppets to do their bidding, such as in the case of the Hylan administration. They were pretty clever at this, even making it look like other Jews were trying to take it down, but this was just internal disputes between two different groups of Jews.

Another trick of theirs was to provide a Jewish candidate when there were gentile ones deadlocked against one another, so people would end up voting for the Jew.

Eventually of course, it would get too obvious and there would be a revolt as happened at Tammany hall with Lewis Nixon, but even then they were able to regain control.

Not much has changed sine Henry Ford’s day, the government is still in the hands of the Jews, they still have their gentile puppets and they still control both Left and Right, but the one thing they cannot control for themselves is genuine Nationalism based on ethnicity and not citizenship.  

Presented by Ted Midward

The International Jew: Jew Wires Direct Tammany's Gentile Puppets - TIJ 020518

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