The International Jew: Jewish Idea Molded Federal Reserve Plan – TIJ 021918


Ted Midward presents Part 31 of Henry Ford’s The International Jew, this week looking at how all the important negotiators for Britain and America always turn out to be Jews and the policies they create, always beneficial to them, but not the ethnicity they live among.

Apparently there were no Anglo-Saxons capable of doing the job, if we go by the administrations on both sides of the Atlantic during the war. Barney Baruch even boasts that he had more power than anyone else at the time and although Max Warburg was less noisy about it, he too was not far behind in terms of influence.

Warburg had terms put into the Federal Reserve Act that would appease the public, but once they were used to having a central bank, they could be easily removed. He bribed Wilson, Taft and Roosevelt with contributions to their campaigns, but was clever enough to get other Jews to send the money in on his behalf.

Warburg was the man responsible for the reform of banking in America that led to the huge debt the country has today to the Fed, which is all based upon compound interest and usury.

Presented by Ted Midward

The International Jew: Jewish Idea Molded Federal Reserve Plan – TIJ 021918

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