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The Roper Report: The Chicken and the Egg - TRR 020718


In "The Chicken and the Egg", Billy ponders the age old question of which came first: organic migrants or political activists. Do colonists leave their mother country because they are more rebellious and independent minded, or does geographic distance from the seat of government make them seek independence? Likewise, should we seek to have White Nationalists all move to the same area to form a Pioneer Little Europe or a White ethnostate, or is it more natural and organic to find areas that our people are already moving to, for subconscious or implicit racial reasons and then red-pill them into self-awareness of their own motivations and interests?

He also discusses what is going on with the FISA memo drama, what it all means and whether it matters to us, as well as what Nancy Pelosi's comment about "making America White again" reveals, before a recap of last week's contentious comparison of three very different personalities, one of which is not like the others.

Along the way, learn about a very instructive 1987 tv miniseries about the breakup of Amerika following the United States' conquest by Communism available on Youtube and why the polar bears are getting exactly what they deserve, just like the rest of us.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: The Chicken and the Egg - TRR 020718

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