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The Roper Report: I Have Nothing to Say - TRR 021418

trr 021418

For both his male as well as his female listeners, Billy describes how our racial enemies have tried to use the natural and healthy differences between the sexes to divide our race and make us enemies with our only natural allies. By understanding one another's complimentary differences and behaving according to our own natural and healthy instincts, White men and women can be exactly what each other need and want. Gender and Behavior Psychology just has to lead us back to being ourselves, as men and women, two halves of a whole. He tells both sexes how they should act in order to attract ideal mates. There's no reason to be lonely and alone, if you know how to be what God and His nature intended you to be.

Upcoming rallies, meetings, and speeches are announced, including the 2018 StormFront Conference, which the ShieldWall Network has been asked to help organize and plan, as well as provide security for.

The subpoena of White Nationalists and Alt Right participants in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville for a Federal grand jury investigation into Federal civil rights charges against James Alex Fields, scheduled for the date of the broadcast, triggers Billy to remind everyone of their 5th amendment protected right to not incriminate themselves. He discusses how that right can be employed, what the consequences of using it may be, and what the goal of the FBI and the DOJ are with these subpoenas. The title of the broadcast comes from an old adage from "WN 1.0" on how to respond to Federal law enforcement inquiries: "I have nothing to say".

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: I Have Nothing to Say - TRR 021418


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