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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


The Roper Report: Sowing the Seeds of Love – TRR 22118


In a departure from his normal political commentary, Billy honors the noble death of the 4chan trolling which convinced the controlled media and the ADL that Nikolas de Jesus Cruz was a White Nationalist. Now that the Parkland, Florida shooter has been identified by CNN and the Times of Israel as being Jewish, literally according to their own 'law of return' because he has a Jewish birth mother, the joke has had its perfect punch line. All the Jewish owned media outlets can do at this point is paint the killer as a typically psychotic, self-loathing Jew.

To mark the death of the trolling effort, Billy presents to his listeners the first speech from the recent ShieldWall Network meeting of White Nationalist preppers. While imprisoned Charlottesville hero Jacob Goodwin's call in to the meeting and conversation with Billy wherein he is read a new letter just received via e-mail from the woman whom Jacob saved at the Unite The Right rally on August 12th of last year is available on the Billy Roper Youtube channel, this first talk is on sustainable long term survivalism.

The speaker delivers a well-informed talk, followed by an equally informative question and answer session, about the science and art of planting, growing, and grafting fruit trees. Only a small amount of land can yield a tremendous amount of self-maintaining and reproducing food resources, which can play an important role in establishing and expanding an independent and self-sufficient White community. Next week's program will feature another speech from this meeting, focused on firearms and their role in self defense and prepping.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Sowing the Seeds of Love – TRR 22118


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