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Thoughts of the Day: Perspective - GL 021318


It's time once again to tune in, start vaping and sit back for another thoughtful discussion with your humble host, Grandpa Lampshade. As you get older, you tend to look back at the days of your youth and the older you get, the more perspective you begin to have. I was thinking this week about how just thirty years ago, things that were considered scandalous are just seen as plain boring now that our societies have fallen so far. Thirty or so years ago, people would look disapprovingly and disparage someone who was cheating on their wife with the local barmaid, but today? Today, parents parade their nine year old sons around and proudly proclaim that their child is trans. I remember being a kid and reading about how God destroyed the Earth once with water and how the next time it would be with fire and thinking to myself, "Why though?" Needless to say, as I look around today, I know why.

In our next segment, we'll discuss Twitter as a microcosm of the ((Left's))) plan for all of you. You may not be a Nazi like Grandpa Lampshade but if you think for a moment that they plan to stop simply with silencing the Nazis, you are beyond being naive. Let me ask you this: did they stop at banning Nazis from Twitter? Then why would you think they're going to stop at the Nazis when it comes to stripping away the rights of political free speech in the country?

One of the few freedoms we are still able to cling onto here in the U.S. is freedom of speech. Although it's been eroded considerably over the years compared to Europe, we do still more or less have freedom of speech. In many countries in Europe, if you say anything that might offend the Jews, you get thrown in prison. Since they can't do that here, they've taken a different tack: civil suits to try and financially ruin us.

I've been wanting to discuss North Korea for awhile now and just haven't been able to fit it into a show, so this week we will discuss North Korea. We're told that there is no way we can allow North Korea to have nukes, because they're crazy or something. Of course I believe the real admonition is that we can't allow North Korea to not have a Jewish controlled central bank but alas, that would be a bit hard to stir the people up to go to war over. Let's take a look at this issue in a larger context, including that of countries which do have nukes and have the capability of wiping out millions, but which apparently we have no issue with.

It's church time once again my friends. That's right, we're convening the Church of the Lampshade and for this week's sermon, I'm bringing you the Beatitudes of Grandpa Lampshade. The scriptures don't change, however hopefully your understanding and perspective on them will change by expanding.

Our show runs a little longer this week, I hope you didn't get bored. Thanks for sticking around and thanks as always to our sponsors. We will continue to speak the truth in the face of this world's lies. We will continue to counter the lies of the enemy and we'll continue to do it all right here at Radio Aryan and Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Perspective - GL 021318


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