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Thoughts of the Day: Useful Allies - GL 020618

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We've got a red hot edition of the Frogcast for you this week folks and you are absolutely not going to want to miss it! Some weeks are ok and some are spot on, but this week's show is one of the better one's we've done in awhile.

One of the things you must realize is that everyone in our movement has different motivations. Everyone envisions victory a little differently to everyone else. This isn't a problem, but you do need to understand the reality of it so as to avoid being needlessly triggered when someone on our own side actually disagrees with you about something. The main thing is that we're moving along in the same direction and ultimately trying to achieve the same goal.

Moving back to an even broader picture, there are those who aren't necessarily us who are still useful allies. We have to have allies to multiply our strengths. However how do we know if someone is an ally or not? We're going to cover some basics right here.

I thought it would be a good time to discuss not cucking on our message. This isn't an insult, as I realize that some out there think they are doing the right thing but there is a line between keeping our message palatable to those we want to reach and simply watering our message down to the point where all we're doing is actually reinforcing the incorrect beliefs that these people have already. Our goal when it comes to reaching the masses is to lead them out of the malaise they are in to the light of the truth and the reality of the world. We do not do that by wading off into that same malaise and reinforcing it by echoing these things that they mistakenly believe.

Are the Jews getting dumber? I mean sure they have a lot of power right now, but when you look at how ham-handed they are at wielding it, you can't help but wonder if these kikes are getting dumber. You have to give credit where credit is due, it takes some pretty clever manoeuvers to convince a government to hand complete control of their monetary system over to you. I don't necessarily think the Jews are dumber now, I think that the Jews of the past were just much more cognizant and wary of the Goyim catching on. So we'll take a look at how the Jews are making some fundamental mistakes in their mission to subvert and destroy our nations. You should all be thankful that Grandpa Lampshade isn't a Kike Fuhrer because I guarantee you, I wouldn't be playing this the way these Jews are right now.

No listeners’ questions/comments this week so you know what time it is: that's right it's time to fill those pews at the Church of the Lampshade. The always humble Reverend Lampshade joins you once again this week to talk about loving your neighbor. Of course you can't talk about loving your neighbor without talking about the Good Samaritan. We have talked about this on several occasions before, however one of the great things about these parables is that there are so many different lessons to take away from them that you can talk about them over and over again and come away with a new understanding of things each and every time. Many of you hate this parable as it's been used and abused by the cuck church and the heretics so much against us. However that doesn't discount the value of the lessons contained within it. In this same context, we're going to discuss how to know if you are understanding and interpreting scripture properly. We're coving a lot of ground this week so strap in, take notes do what you've got to do because you're not going to want to miss this week's sermon.

Thank you as always for tuning in and thank you again to our sponsors for your voluntary support of the program. We don't put this show behind any sort of subscription, we just count on the fact that some of you will be moved to support what we're doing here all on your own and the fact that it's entirely voluntary on your part, is very much appreciated. We'll be back next week and there's no telling what we'll be talking about but you can bet we'll be trying to come to a greater understanding of the truth, right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Useful Allies - GL 020618


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