Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Tenth Assault – FBAI 030618

FBAI 10 RA copy

Wave after wave of fash on this Assault and all have hit their targets with deadly and accurate precision. Following with support and clean up for the Aryan electronica hordes will be some classic Oi and RAC from Anglo-Germanic insurgents, doom driven Nords and finishing up with a Christian neo-folk victory song from Rome.

All are audio heroes this assault, showing no fear, crushing Liberal apathy and coming together for fellowship under the Black Sun. If anything else, lets just remember what Jonathan Bowden had to say…“There’s nothing wrong with Fascism. Nothing wrong with Fascism at all."

Eternal Reich can be found on YouTube and Twitter
Vanguard can be found on Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube
Xurious can also be found on YouTube and Twitter using the same name
Lazerkampfwagen can be found on YouTube, Soundcloud and Twitter
Elessar can be found on YouTube and Twitter by the name Elessar_Music
Raid 1. Eternal Reich - Liberalism is Moral Syphilis (NEW)
Raid 2. Max Resist - Last Days
Raid 3. Under the Black Sun - Under the Black Sun (RA favorite)
Raid 4. Seelenthron - I Have No Fear
Raid 5. Xurious - The Stranger (NEW)
Raid 6. German-British Friendship - Songs Of Hope II
Raid 7. Vanguard - White Pill (NEW)
Raid 8. Race War - They Were Heroes
Raid 9. Lazerkampfwagen - Children Of The Black Sun (NEW)
Raid 10. Skogen - Orcus Labyrint
Raid 11. Elessar - Back To Normality (NEW)
Raid 12. Rose Rovine E Amanti - Rose Rovine E Amanti
Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Tenth Assault – FBAI 030618

Download (57:44)

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