Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Eleventh Assault – FBAI 031318 - Radio Aryan


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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Eleventh Assault – FBAI 031318


A word of advice, at least for Americans, don’t drink cheap green beer. It doesn’t make you Irish, it makes you a cheap Jewboy Drunkard. Instead maybe wear something green if you must, take your family or friends out and enjoy some Corn Beef Hash, Irish Brown Bread, Beef Stew, Garlic Roasted Cabbage or some Shepherd’s Pie. “To go for a drink is one thing. To be driven to it is another.” – Michael Collins.

This whiskey soaked 11th assault has a number of artists who have not been featured on the FBAI before and only a few that have. It’s an excellent blend of Folk music, Fashwave, R.A.C., Alternative Rock, Rebel Irish and Metalcore with a drop of Swedish WW2 influenced Black Metal. Seriously, don’t be a disgrace to your Folk like most of our people will be this weekend. Be safe and SAOIRSE AN DATH BÀN, FREEDOM…..(Covington RFN.)

Byron de la Vandal can be found on Gab and Bandcamp as BDLV
Elessar can be found on YouTube and Twitter by the name Elessar_Music.
Storm King can be found on Bandcamp as Storm King and Twitter as Linkolawave
Lilou and John can be found at Bandcamp and Gab
Ghost Producer Division can be found on YouTube and Soundcloud
Moshpit can be found on Youtube
Raid 1. Byron de la Vandal - Come Out You Anti-Fascists (NEW)
Raid 2. Elessar - The Dark Knight Complex (NEW)
Raid 3. Brutal Attack - My Name Is Ken McLellan
Raid 4. Anon - James Connolly
Raid 5. Storm King - Gomorrah PD: Vice Squad (NEW VIDEO)
Raid 6. Waffen SS Choir - Neue Deutsche Welle (Remix)
Raid 7. Lilou and John – 9/11 (NEW VIDEO)
Raid 8. Anon - My Youngest Son Came Home Today
Raid 9. Verboten - We Aint Dead Yet
Raid 10. Ghost Producer Division - America First (NEW)
Raid 11. Moshpit - Fault in Our Stars (NEW)
Raid 12. Marduk - Nebelwerfer
Raid 13. Anon - The Foggy Dew
Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Eleventh Assault – FBAI 031318


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