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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Twelfth Assault – FBAI 032018

FBAI 12th Assault RA

“…We will also be performing a quiet but thorough cleansing of the entire country.” “Cleansing?” asked Jennings.
“We’re going to take out the last of the trash left over from the revolt and from all the years before, sir,” Leach told him.
“You’re going to kill people,” said Fiona Bonnar accusingly.
“Quite a few people, yes ma’am,” confirmed Leach. “Race-mixers, drug dealers, lefties and liberals of every conceivable stripe, bugger boys and dykes, American informers and collaborators from the past five years and before, Union sympathizers who gave concrete aid and comfort to the Americans and FATPO, the last dregs of Amurrica…”

That excerpt was taken from one of the best books I have ever read in my life titled, Freedom's Sons.

This music show demonstrates the immortal will of Aryan tribes and what they can accomplish if they unite and follow through. Endless darkness for the Jews and it will be so, Little Sir Hugh demands it as well as all the other children who have fallen victim to Jewish ritual murder. The heroes of our race are already dead and we have no choice left but to grab the flag of our Folk and pick up where they left off. Those who came before us have sacrificed much for us to be where we are today and we are very close to losing it, all because we refuse to fight back with wood and iron. Comrades, do not fear the Iron Dream, embrace it, your fate is fixed.

Elessar can be found on YouTube and Twitter by the name Elessar_Music
Xurious can be found on Youtube and Twitter
Vanguard can be found on Soundcloud and Twitter
Raid 1. Xurious/Vanguard – Infinite Saxon (NEW)
Raid 2. Steeleye Span - Little Sir Hugh
Raid 3. Charlie and his Orchestra - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Raid 4. Elessar - For the Love of Thy Nation (NEW)
Raid 5. Kampfbund - Kampfbund
Raid 6. White Wolf - When The Ropes Stretch Tight
Raid 7. Whitelaw - Inspiration (Rudolph Hess)
Raid 8. Xurious - Metapolitical War (NEW)
Raid 9. Hate Forest - To Those Who Came Before Us
Raid 10. Forseti – Abendrot
Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Twelfth Assault – FBAI 032018


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