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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Thirteenth Assault – FBAI 032718

FBAI 13th Assault

Here are two more paragraphs from one of my favorite books from the same series I used last week. These two are from Harold Covington’s “A Distant Thunder.” I can’t possibly be the only one who would sacrifice everything to have a chance to send a message like this in real life to the occupiers of our nations. This struggle is not a hobby, it’s not game, it’s not a weekend warrior thing, it’s not a one and done for the cause. This is a life long commitment because it has to be, if we are to survive and prosper as a race on this planet. Do not be mistaken, we all are wearing our uniforms for war. It’s time we start acting like it and come to the realization that we will have to drop everything and everyone to play our part in the ongoing history of our folk. The answer is not in a “pill” but in a “dream”, The Iron Dream.

“To my comrades in arms who now stand at my side, who have brought this day into being and who from tomorrow’s dawn will resume the battle for our people’s freedom, and to all of you who over the coming days will be joining the forces of the Northwest Volunteer Army to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, I say this: the hard part is now over. We have once more found in our hearts the ancient courage and hardihood of our race, and against the soul of the Aryan warrior no mercenary hireling can prevail. The lion has at long last awakened, and the only conceivable outcome to this battle is our total and final victory, and those now hearing my words in Washington D.C. know this. The United States will bluster and bully like it always does, the United States will swagger and boast, the United States will beat and bomb and butcher and torture the helpless, as it always does. But the United States has already lost, and they know it. Our hearts are no longer in chains, and now no evil empire with a hundred times the power of the United States can keep our bodies chained to their rotten, tottering tower of wickedness and corruption...

“Among our ranks there are some who practice the Christian faith, some who follow the old Nordic, gods of our race, some such as myself who believe in the new dispensation of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism which was given to the world in the middle part of the last century, and some who follow no god or gods at all but who feel in their hearts our people’s destiny and role in the universe, and who will play their part in this struggle purely in the knowledge that it is right. I know that no one among you will take offense if in this historic moment I acknowledge the Christian faith of the Founding Fathers of the true America, and of the brave men of the Southern Confederacy who rose in rebellion in 1861 to defend that true American vision. For all of us, I therefore close my address on this night of nights with lines from the Forty-Sixth Psalm: ‘He breaketh the bow; He snappeth the spear in sunder. I will be exalted among the heathen; I will be exalted in the earth, for the Lord of Hosts is with us.’

Storm King can be found on Bandcamp
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Eternal Reich can be found on Youtube
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Raid 1. Storm King - Rough Cut Naturegaze Experiment - (NEW)
Raid 2. Celtic Warrior - The Power
Raid 3. Wolfnacht - Pa Vikingtog
Raid 4. Byron de la Vandal - Stiff Upper Lip (Anniversary Edition) (NEW)
Raid 5. Extreme Hatred - Grassy Knoll
Raid 6. Winglord - The World is Changing
Raid 7. Bound For Glory – I Stood
Raid 8. Filbert Applebag - Renna
Raid 9. Eternal Reich - Oak Ash and Thorn - (NEW)
Raid 10. Krynitza - Old Don Cossacks Song
Raid 11. Elessar - Democratic Dictatorship (NEW)
Raid 12. Wolfkrieg - When Wotan Awakens
Raid 13. Gammadion - Road to Valhalla
Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Thirteenth Assault – FBAI 032718


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