RA Britannia: Beard Babies, Rape Gangs and London Stab Central – RA 031918 - Radio Aryan


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RA Britannia: Beard Babies, Rape Gangs and London Stab Central – RA 031918

ra 031918

Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies discuss news stories affecting the British people, including an ‘unaccompanied child’ refugee blowing a train up, the Crown Prosecution Service not prosecuting Moslem rape gangs because it’s too much bother and a massive increase in stabbings and shootings in Londonistan.

A beard baby has been found guilty of trying to blow hundreds of people up on a train and his foster parents are furious that they were not warned that he was a terrorist. He did do his best to let the authorities know when he broke into Britain, he did tell the police he worked for Islamic State and wanted to kill the British, but the authorities ignored this and gave him a posh flat to live in as a reward. Eventually they handed him over to a White couple to foster where he was soon caught sending his dinner money to ISIS while at school, but still nothing was done about it. Finally he assembled a bomb made from stolen kitchen implements and left it on a train, where it luckily only wounded dozens of people instead of killing them. MPs are now scratching their heads asking how this could happen, after they did so much for the son of a man killed by our British Forces in Iraq.

Following on from the Telford rape gang story last week, police whistle blowers have come forward to say that their failure to prosecute the Moslem rapists wasn’t down to their fear of racism, but due to the Crown Prosecution Service being too busy with other cases to investigate. Too busy investigating criticism of Moslems on Twitter by any chance?

Paki rape gangs are also on the rise in London along with stabbings and shootings, but the chief of police has assured us that London has always had Paki rape gangs, even going back three centuries or more. After all, if it wasn’t the Pakis doing it, then it would be White men luring them in to buy kebabs, drugging them and then selling them on to their cousins, brothers, uncles and Imans.

Note the word 'Paki' is a perfectly acceptable name to use for Pakis, they use it themselves and even have a magazine called 'Paki Mag'

Finally we have some encouraging news from Speaker’s Corner, where thousands of people assembled to hear Tommy Robinson read Martin Sellner’s speech, which drew a lot more attention to Britain’s censoring of free speech than Martin’s speech on it’s own would have done.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: Beard Babies, Rape Gangs and London Stab Central – RA 031918


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