RA Britannia: Hope Not Hate’s Phantom Menace Hysteria – RA 030518 - Radio Aryan


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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


RA Britannia: Hope Not Hate’s Phantom Menace Hysteria – RA 030518

ra 030518

Alex Davies' mention of System Resistance Network on this podcast was in reference to their propaganda imagery and was made long before there was any public reporting of criminal acts by them, we obviously condemn  those acts and the organisation involved and have never had anything to do with them at Radio Aryan. 

Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies cover the latest news concerning Nationalism in Britain, this week looking at the outgoing anti-terror chief’s warning about the rise of Far Right extremism and the Hope Not Hate “State of Hate’ report that followed it, strangely echoing the same sentiments.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley claims there have been four foiled Far Right plots in a year while there have been ten Islamic terror plots just since the Westminster one. Logic would tell you that the threat from Islamic terrorism is greater, but not so according to Mark. He believes we should all be getting hysterical about Nationalists using Twitter, while the judge who jailed Darren Osbourne says that violence against Moslem rapists and terrorists is not justified. Not even state violence to protect us from them?

This speech of his was swiftly followed by Hope Not Hate’s report on the ‘Far Right’ threat. They claim that even though numbers of members in organisations are at an all time low, the threat of pro-White terrorism has never been greater. They go on to explain that a new generation of young people without ‘nazi baggage’ are using the internet to encourage each other to commit terrorist acts. They then list a number of those convicted for attacking Moslems and most are middle aged men with no link to the internet and the ones that do have an online presence, were jailed for things that they said and not anything that they actually did.

Alex Davies has a whole page devoted to himself, where HnH declare him to be a criminal mastermind, continuing to lead National Action at the same time as a number of other new organisations and all whilst being under close surveillance by the Police! National Action are also apparently trying to take over the leadership of the National Front, with the help of Julie Lake. Alex refutes these claims along with a quote that was used from this very radio show that was taken out of context.

Finally the report finishes with a two page spread glorifying George Soros, claiming that any criticism of him is anti-Semitism because he also happens to be a Jew. It is rare that organisations blatantly shill for him like this, it just proves that what people say about him funding anti-White organisations is true.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: Hope Not Hate’s Phantom Menace Hysteria – RA 030518


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