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RA Britannia: Two Kebab Kids and a Crack Habit – RA 032618

ra 032618

Alex Davies at time stamp 25:10 is explicitly talking about posters and NOT graffiti vandalism. Listen for yourself and dont believe the lies of the BBC. Radio Aryan does not condone vandalism.

Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies begin this week’s podcast by discussing a video from Brutus of Troy with a deliberately provocative title about the girls of Telford who were groomed and raped by Moslems. He appears to have made a mistake in thinking these girls were 15 years of age, the grooming begins when they are 9,10,11 years of age, where the Moslems then targeted them specifically. At first a Moslem boy who is not that older than them will be treating them like they are something special, getting them free chips and kebabs at the junk food emporium and once they enter puberty, they gradually keep introducing more older men until by the time they are 15, they have 2 kebab kids and a crack habit.

Generation Identity were quick off the mark and the first to hold a flash demo in Telford, which shows they have the man power and funds to rapidly respond to and highlight non-White crimes against us. Their choice of wording on the banner was moderate and hopefully wont cause them any problems. Although this showed initiative on the part of GI, we do also need a vanguard of more extreme activists (explicitly racial) who will help to push the narrative in our direction and ensure that GI themselves do not get called extremists.

The Football Lads Alliance were also out in force on Saturday drawing 5,000 supporters out to Birmingham for speeches from Gerard Batten and Anne Marie Waters. Both highlighted Islamic terrorism and the ideology behind it, but because there was no trouble there was no mainstream coverage. The last time the FLA were out they drew 60,000, but that was right after an Islamic attack and it was held in the centre of London, so this was still a good number of people that will have heard Anne Marie’s anti-jihad message.

Also covered this week is Jeremy Corbyn’s support for a so-called anti-Semitic mural and some news from Australia, where nurses are being forced to admit their ‘white privilege’ before delivering any Black babies,

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Alex Davies

RA Britannia: Two Kebab Kids and a Crack Habit – RA 032618


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