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Radio Free Northwest: 1000 Class A People – RFN 031518

rfn 031518
Class ‘A’ personality type

The Trucker starts this week’s episode from Montana, talking about how beautiful it is and encouraging others to move there.

Gretchen then reviews ‘Silesian Inferno’ by Carl Friedrich Grau, which documents the advance of the red army into Silesia in 1945 and the war crimes that ensued. It is a collection of eye witness testimonies and includes the de-nazification process and the expulsion of ethnic Germans from their homelands.

Harold returns for the last half of the podcast to remind us that the NWF has reached the limits of what it can do without more funds and/or bodies. All that is needed is 1000 class A individuals and in case people do not understand what is meant by this, Harold describes what he means.

Staff are needed with specific skill sets, they mostly need to be men, significantly younger than Harold with a lifetime ahead of them to accomplish the goal. They also need to be able to understand authority and not be lone wolves, they need to be able to follow instructions.

Once enough of these people move there, the next step to separation and sovereign independence can begin.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: 1000 Class A People – RFN 031518

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