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Radio Free Northwest: Freedom’s Sons – RFN 022918

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Last week there was some discussion about the Northwest novels being made available on audio books. I explained that I simply don’t have the time to produce audio for all five novels, but I might do selected chapters, starting with this one, Chapter V of Freedom’s Sons. This is arguably the most vitally prescient and urgent segment of fiction I ever wrote. It contains a message that all of you need to internalize.

So this week, we’ll give our usual contributors a rest, and you’ll get a full ration of Harold. This chapter is slightly under an hour in length, so you should be able to transfer t it all onto a CD for playback in your car or wherever. I also urge YouTubers to turn it into an MP4 and upload it onto their channels; this is a message that needs to be heard.

Narrated by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Freedom’s Sons – RFN 022918

Download (57:25)

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