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Radio Free Northwest: Guerrilla Warfare – RFN 032918

rfn 032918

Harold Covington begins by making reference to the circus around Stormy Daniels before asking why we have so many scandals around ourselves in the Nationalist movement? He believes it happens because we do not take what we are doing seriously enough. Too many just see what we do as a sporting event, or as a live role playing game, where we can change the world without first having to change ourselves.

After that he explains what GUBU is again and how the TWP incident barely registers on that scale, when compared to some of the outrageous behaviour that has been seen from Nationalist leaders in the past.

Gretchen reviews ‘The Plotters’ by John Roy Carlson this week. The author infiltrated and discusses various American Far Right organisations before world war two, including the Bunds.

The Trucker calls in from north Kansas on his way to Arizona with an update on the conditions of the roads, for people thinking of heading to the north west.

Comrade John Smith is on next, talking about guerrillas and how they are the clandestine military wing of a revolutionary political movement. Legal activities are above ground and the illegal underground, but both work in tandem to further the cause.

Finally we get a reprise of a section from Radio Free Northwest first recorded in 2010 that deals with frequently asked questions, such as why the northwest republic is in the northwest.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Guerrilla Warfare – RFN 032918

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