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Radio Free Northwest: The Last Viking – RFN 032218

rfn 032218

Harold Covington starts this week by giving his thoughts on the implosion of the TWP. The scandal was not so bad considering some of the others that have happened over the years. What is does tell us though is that we are not the people we once were, we are obese, we have low sperm counts, low testosterone and low attention thresholds and unfortunately we just have to put up with that. It’s just the way things are.

The Northwest Front is still here and it still has a plan for creating an ethno-state. Part of that is creating trouble trios, groups of three people that know they can rely on each other and who can record data and intelligence on local friends and enemies. We need our own intelligence agency and this could be the way to start it.

Crusader Girl is on next talking about perversity being promoted to children through cartoons and demonstrations. She talks about why it should still be a taboo and how things used to be before the sexual revolution.

The Trucker is hanging out at the truck stop and has some advice for anyone thinking of migrating in a high vehicle.

Weird Aryan History returns after that and Harold narrates a chapter called ‘The Last Viking’ which is a fascinating account of a Viking’s attempts to Christianise his country, before his final battle at Stamford Bridge.

A re-cap of the Northwest imperative follows, which includes the history of previous attempts to make the northwest into an ethno-state.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Last Viking – RFN 032218

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