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Radio Free Northwest: Our Socialism – RFN 030818

rfn 030818

Harold Covington answers the question of whether the Northwest Front are socialists this week. There are many different kinds of socialism, not just Communism, but all kinds other than National Socialism are based upon Marxism, which is the flip side of capitalism, sees man as an interchangeable cog in a machine and is entirely materialist in nature. In contradiction to that, National Socialism is based upon man the spiritual being, who has duties and obligations to his community and finds his fulfilment in expressing the character of his race.

Pat Condell is up next, talking about the Feminists on Youtube who are intolerantly banning any diversity of opinion and have even going so far as to ban an official video put out by the Polish government.

Gretchen reviews ‘The Year of the Baselard’ by Stuffy Smith this week, a short novel that has similar subject matter to the Northwest novels but shows some independence of thought from them.

The Trucker is in Nevada and calls in to let us know he will be making his final move to the northwest this year.

Lord Goyhammer then reads an excerpt from the epilogue to ‘Freedom’s Sons’ by Harold Covington to finish the podcast off.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Our Socialism – RFN 030818

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