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The Daily Nationalist: Arrogance and Hypocrisy – DN 033018

dn 033018

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks to discuss three news stories that show incredible arrogance and hypocrisy. The first concerns the Jewish community in Britain making demands of Jeremy Corbyn before their elected leaders will even speak to him. They are demanding he sack Ken Livingstone for talking about the Havaara agreement and Jackie Walter for saying the new definition of anti-Semitism is unworkable, which it is, since it can now be anything that a Jew says it is. The Labour Party are falling over themselves to outdo each other in how much they love the Jews, but it still isn’t good enough for them.

One Labour member posted a holohoax meme on Facebook highlighting the red cross report, which is now being described as ‘fake news’ when the Red Cross can hardly be called an ‘unverified’ source. This is only piece that really fits the description of anti-semitism, since it is pointing out that they are lying. The other is the famous meme of the bankers playing monopoly on the backs of the poor, which is anti-capitalist rather than anti-Jew. By claiming it is anti-Semitic the Jews just draw attention to the fact that bankers are all Jews.

The final news story is a hysterical piece from the Independent that asks if terrorism laws are being used to silence protesters. Instead of reporting on the no-longer active Nationalist groups National Action and Scottish Dawn though, they are referring to a group of Leftists who lay down in front of a plane to try and prevent it taking off with a full load of Black criminals on board. The hypocrisy in this is astounding, this group of Leftists were recklessly risking danger to life and limb, trespassing on a runway and all to prevent justice being served to illegal immigrants. National Action on the other hand, were never accused of putting themselves or anyone else at risk, yet they were designated terrorists to the unanimous cheers of the mainstream press. If this stiory continues, it may provide a good chance to remind people that innocent Nationalist activists are behind bars accused of being terrorists and they received no support from the press.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Arrogance and Hypocrisy – DN 033018


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