The Daily Nationalist: Leftist Thug Children and Unspeakable Arab Monsters – DN 032118 - Radio Aryan


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The Daily Nationalist: Leftist Thug Children and Unspeakable Arab Monsters – DN 032118

dn 032118
Sophie Lionnet – innocent victim of multiculturalism

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo show today, first looking at a study that shows that children who steal from their friends and are aggressive and violent with them, will grow up to become Leftists.
The makers of the study clearly hoped it would show they grew up to be Nationalists, as there were pointed questions about racism, gender equality and respect for authority in there, but the study showed otherwise.

It also talks about difficulties with self-control, long-term planning and rejection of lawful authority, all things we know are inherent in the genetics of the Negro. The study shows that a section of society will always be dysfunctional so long as we continue to allow them to breed and since the same behaviour and outcome is observed in the Negro, it would be better not to let them breed at all, unless we want the world to collapse into a Bolshevik style tyranny.

The second subject covered is a particularly gruesome story of a spiteful and jealous Arab couple, torturing a beautiful young White girl to death before attempting to burn the body. This was not under-privileged brown people, this was an Arab female whose previous boyfriend was the founder of Boyzone. Her new boyfriend is clearly well off as well, yet they chose to beat and torture a young French nanny out of what can only be jealousy.

They threatened to rape her, accused her of stealing and accused her of black magic, knowing full well that none of what they said was true. They just wanted to hurt this young girl because she was decent and White.

Arabs are little better than Negroes, they can be just as barbaric and should have no place in our White countries. If they were not here, this young White girl would still be alive and with us today.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Leftist Thug Children and Unspeakable Arab Monsters – DN 032118


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