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The Daily Nationalist: The Movement of National Salvation – DN 032618

dn 032618

Sven Longshanks is joined by Max Musson today, to talk about Western Spring and the Movement of National Salvation.

Western Spring is a philanthropic organisation that can direct funds to where they are needed in Nationalism. They have helped activists before to get their projects off the ground and eventually hope to be able to provide community leaders for the indigenous British, in the same way that ethnic minorities have their own community leaders who represent their communities to the home office. Currently we have Imans and Moslem charities advising the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, but nobody from our own community speaking up for the patriots who have come into contact with ‘Prevent’.

Max hopes to help avoid duplication in Nationalism, which splits our resources when we should be working together rather than competing against one another. Why do we have more than one Nationalist party, or in some cases more than one Nationalist candidate standing in the same local elections? Why do we have more than one group of conference organisers, when it would be better for all involved to be pooling that talent? The same can be said for media platforms and content creators. Instead of starting our own projects, it is more far productive for our cause and personally fulfilling to find one that is already existing and offer to collaborate with them.

Western Spring will be holding a conference again this summer which will hopefully feature representatives from the organisations they are allied with and Max will be with us again on The Daily Nationalist next Monday.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

The Daily Nationalist: The Movement of National Salvation – DN 032618


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