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The Daily Nationalist: Schisms and Divisions – DN 31918

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Sven Longshanks starts the week with a solo podcast, looking at the recent divisions in the American Alt-Right.

There has been a lot of criticism of the TWP since the unfortunate incident last week and not all of it has been honest. Matt Heimbach may have gone off the rails in the last few months, but he always had integrity before then. The TWP was never about wearing costumes, however the NSM used to and the alliance with them was probably a bad move. They also never promoted a foreign religion, they promoted Christianity and the Orthodox variant of it, which is what all White countries used to follow until 1050AD. Even now, the largest landmass in the world filled with White people still follows it, Russia.

They did however do and say some questionable things, especially over the last three months, but they did also succeed in getting Nationalism into the mainstream media and on the whole, they gave a positive message to people interested.

At the furthest side of our spectrum, we have civic nationalism and the Alt-Lite and although we may disagree with their non-racial based ideas, they are still useful to us as they act like a gateway to our more natural and radical ideas. These groups and organisations can legitimately say that their moderate message has pulled more people in, but they will never be of the high quality that genuine racial nationalist are. The sort of people that we want, are the sort of people that have the courage to take that extra step and find us, through our association in the media with these other groups.

Most people are not born into Nationalism, it is a slow process of discovering the truth and most have done things they would rather they hadn’t in their normie lives. We should be charitable and merciful about this, while still holding to our ideals. Charity and mercy are two traits unique to the White race and they help us to define what humanity is. They should never be employed against our racial enemies, but it is of benefit to us to use them where our brothers are concerned. Small disagreements can easily become schisms and divisions otherwise and with a helping push from a provocateur, what was once a united front becomes a divided failure.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Schisms and Divisions – DN 31918


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