The International Jew: Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal – TIJ 032618

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Ted Midward continues his series based on Henry Ford’s The International Jew with a tale of treason committed by a particular Jew named David Franks and how he was able to escape justice.

The story describes a serpentine course of twistings and turnings that show how true Jews remain to their character throughout the centuries. Franks is first imprisoned and remains a week. Then by some very strange reasoning, it is discovered that the United States has no jurisdiction over the charge of treason against the United States (!) and that the prisoner should be handed over to the Supreme Executive Council of the state of Pennsylvania. It then follows that the state of Pennsylvania has nothing to do with the crime of treason against the United States either, and in spite of the contents of his treasonous letters conspiring with Jews in other countries and the letters and findings of the Congressional Committee thereon, David Franks smiles pleasantly and goes free!

This was in a time, of course, when much money was being lent by Jews to public officials. The Jew, Haym Salomon, was credited with having most of them on his books, but he never charged them interest or principal. However he still grew immensely wealthy due to the many official favors being sent his way in lieu of the money owed to him. David Franks, likewise a wealthy man but charged with treason, has his case transferred and finally dismissed. This is a common trick and it is still used by Jews to this day.

Presented by Ted Midward

The International Jew: Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal – TIJ 032618

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