The International Jew: How Jews Gained American Liquor Control – TIJ 030518

tij 030518

Ted Midward presents part 33 of his series based on Henry Ford’s ‘The International Jew’.

It is no surprise to learn that the Jews were right at the center of the bootlegging trade during the prohibition years, but it may come as a shock to hear that they were exempt from following the laws about alcohol anyway. They claimed they needed it for their religious ceremonies and were legally allowed to use ten gallons a year, this of course meant that a hundred gallons passed through their hands at first and then a thousand.  The Jews had much prior experience with getting around the alcohol laws in the various countries they infested and Ted goes into quite some detail of the effect this had on the industry.

The making of alcohol used to be an art, from wine to whiskey making, but the art soon turned to poison once the Jews got involved. What had originally taken ten years to perfect using the finest of ingredients, they made in a few hours by adding food flavouring to pure alcohol. In all the countries they had lived in before America, they took over the trade in alcohol and monopolized the business, demoralizing everyone else involved.

This is the real reason why America had it’s prohibition years, Jewish perversion of the liquor making process.

Narration and Commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: How Jews Gained American Liquor Control – TIJ 030518

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