The International Jew: The Jewish Element in Bootlegging Evil – TIJ 031218


‘A student of the liquor history of the United States is left wondering, not that Prohibition came, but that the authorities ever allowed matters to go so far as to compel the people to take the issue into their own hands.’

Ted Midward continues his investigation into the Jewish role in prohibition and the liquor industry, with part 34 of his series based on Henry Ford’s ‘The International Jew’.

All the counterfeiting was in the hands of the Jews, all the fake alcohol made out of pure alcohol, flavorings and colourings that made people sick and ill, it was no wonder the stuff ended up being banned, but they banned the genuine article as well as the poison.

What was the Jewish attitude toward Prohibition while it was being argued before the nation? What has been the Jewish attitude toward Prohibition since it has been adopted? Did the fact their profits increased by a thousand percent because of it have anything to do with it?

While pretending to be against the scourge of alcohol, the Jews were really making a fortune out of the fact that it was now illegal.

Narration and Commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: The Jewish Element in Bootlegging Evil – TIJ 031218

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