The International Jew: The Jews Complaint Against Americanism – TIJ 031918


From the earliest record of the Jews' contact with other nations, they have always been accused of forming "a people within a people and a nation within a nation." When this charge is made today, it is vehemently denied by those who pose as the defenders of their people and this denial is made by all Jews of just about every class.

Yet there is nothing more clearly stated in Jewish teachings, nor more clearly indicated in Jewish life, than that this charge is true.

If the Jews are a nation, then their nationality is founded upon the double ground of race and religion, rather than blood and soil and it is certainly outside the bounds of reason that they should be asked or expected to de-racialize, de-nationalize or de-religionize themselves, but neither is it to be expected that they should bitterly denounce those who state these facts. It is only upon a basis of facts that a solution to any problem may come.

Ted Midward continues his series based on Henry Ford’s book ‘The International Jew’ this week looking at how the Jews deny these obvious facts, yet use them to their own advantage at the expense of the nations in which they have embedded themselves.

Narration and Commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: The Jews Complaint Against Americanism – TIJ 031918

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