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Thoughts of the Day: Stay on Target – GL 032718

gl 032718

Finally it’s time for the much anticipated return of Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day. Grandpa is still under the weather but recovered enough to bring you a solid hour plus of thought inspiring topics and bantz.

Right after having recorded the last show the GPL PayPal was shoahed. This is yet another attempt by the Jews to shut down any and all dissent that they know they cannot counter with facts. They won't succeed as the show will go on. Sure it was handy being able to have sponsorship via PayPal, but we still have Bitcoin aka the Nazi currency. They would like to shut that down as well and trust me, it's not because of their oh so sincere concern that the Goyim might get financially taken, it's because they know this is our one revenue stream that we have left.

We spoke on the last show about the diversity of the Left and how it is comprised of all of many disparate groups who only come together for their anti white agenda, but share very little commonality beyond that. Meanwhile on our side............yeah well on our side we're bickering and infighting. To be fair, the Left doesn't have to deal with state sponsored actors working to accentuate those differences and sew dissension in their ranks. Still, it's not as though we don't know they're going to pull this on us and yet apparently we just fall right into the trap. It's a bit black pilling but being black pilled does us no good. So as we see much of our movement devolving into factionalism once again, what can you do to stay on mission? I'll tell you what I plan to do: stay on mission, stay on target and keep soldiering on.

In other news this past couple of weeks, we had the Austin bomber story. One of the things I find amazing about this is how quickly it has evaporated from the news cycle. When they discovered a White male, home schooled and brought up in a Christian family, you could hear the hand rubbing from here and yet now nothing. Why? We do know that the police say there's no evidence of "hate". Well, that's a relief. If you were blown up by one of his bombs you could at least rest comfortable knowing that no hate was involved I guess. GPL's bet has been and remains that it was some sort of gay rage. Perhaps we'll eventually be told or they may simply memory hole it completely.

From school shootings to bombings, these are all a sign of the breakdown of societal order and they will continue to get worse. We must always bear in mind that the current state of things is in decline. What we are working towards is what comes next. We can wind up with a new system where the Jews are even further ensconced in power, or a system where the Jews have been recognized as the parasites that they are and are driven from power. You can bet that our enemies are working towards what comes next, even while they milk the current system for the last shekel.

The return of the Thoughts of the Day show sees the return of listener questions/comments. Love our People would like to hear GPL's thoughts on our own cultural entertainment. We know we have the most artistic and creative people to ever walk the face of the earth and yet what passes for culture and entertainment today is by and large filth. What can we do to promote and take back these things for our own people?

Next up, Kimbal would like to hear GPL's take on whether we should masquerade as normie conservatives in order to gain positions of influence, or are we better off being open and up front about what we believe and where we stand? Nuance is of course the key to most things, but I find several glaring flaws in the undercover Nazi idea and we will discuss those and much more in this segment.

We convene the Church of the Lampshade this week to discuss another often abused Bible verse pertaining to submission to government authority. At first glance, this would appear to be a very clear admonition to be a submissive doormat no matter how corrupt or wicked a government is. However is this actually the case? As Christians it's our duty to oppose wickedness wherever we find it and to speak truth no matter how powerful the lie. So how is it that when it comes to wicked and lying government regimes that we suddenly give up this moral authority? This is a tough sermon to preach under any circumstances. Can a still recovering Reverend Lampshade pull it off? Tune in to find out.

Thank you once again for joining us this week. I'm a long way from being 100% back up to speed but I'm doing the best I can. I hope you find this week's show to be informative and thought provoking. As I continue to recover and as more events take place, we will continue to look for the truth and we'll continue to discuss those truths right here on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Stay on Target – GL 032718


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