Boadicea Events: Working Together with Mike Coleman, Mike Whitby and Peter Rushton

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Boadicea Events held their third conference this Saturday titled ‘Working Together’ and these are the first three speeches from it.

Mike Coleman: Vindicated – BE 042918-01 MC

Mike Coleman talked about the changes that he has seen happen on the housing estates and how there is a deliberate plan behind it to break up White working class communities by seeding ethnic minorities and drug addicts among them. The best houses are to be given to them, while the Whites are to be refused housing.

Mike Coleman: Vindicated – BE 042918-01 MC

Download (25:48)

Mike Whitby – Caucasoid Human Rights – BE 042918-02 MW

Mike Whitby spoke about the need for Caucasoid human rights, as human rights only seem to apply to non-Whites. We are not just being replaced by non-Whites, our entire history is being stolen from us and re-written to include foreigners, while our achievements and important place in world history is being hidden from our children.

Mike Whitby – Caucasoid Human Rights – BE 042918-02 MW

Download (28:50)

Peter Rushton – Do We Want to Win? – BE 042918-03 PR

Peter Rushton spoke about how we are now the sole guardians of our true values and traditions, inherited from thousands of years ago. The most fundamental right of all, the right to engage in skeptical enquiry is now being withheld from us and it is our most precious inheritance. There is no real knowledge if you are not allowed to question it. Winning means keeping these values and it is no victory if we do not keep them.

Peter Rushton – Do We Want to Win? – BE 042918-03 PR

Download (37:58)

There will be more from Jim Lewthwaite and Andrew Brons at Boadicea Events on Radio Aryan later in the week.
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