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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Fourteenth Assault – FBAI 040418

FBAI 14th RA

"History predicts unspeakable horror for the last generation of White children, if I, and others who shall come after me, are not more successful in awakening our people from their sleep of death. Our task is as simple as it is overwhelmingly important: WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN! In the face of that overriding historical imperative, what you do to me does not matter. I am not a brave man; I die the thousand deaths of the philosopher instead of the single death of the soldier. But I willingly sought this destiny, and I will not shrink from it." ~David Lane

'We all knew it would be like this, that it would be our own brothers who would first try to destroy our efforts to save our race and our terminally ill nation. Why are so many White men so eager to destroy their own kind for the benefit of the Jews and the mongrels? ~Robert J. Matthews

Obviously I was going to do a show around the concept of the 14 Words because it is the 14th Assault. No I’m not very creative and I realize that, but the 14 Words are extremely important. Like National Socialism, if you put your trust, love and understanding into it, you will always be led on the correct course. Trust our faithful leaders of the past and present, love them, honor them and most important of all, never forget them.

Der Bruder Schweigen
Adopt A Bruder
Elessar can be found on YouTube as Elessar_music
Raid 1. Centurion - Fourteen Words
Raid 2. The Order - A.P.O.W
Raid 3. Elessar - To Conquer or Die (NEW)
Raid 4. Angry Aryans - Committed Revolutionary
Raid 5. Max Resist - White Man
Raid 6. Iron Sound - Cognitive Dissident
Raid 7. Rahowa - Ode To A Dying People
Raid 8. Blue Eyed Devils - Imprisoned
Raid 9. Eternal Reich - The Sacred 14
Raid 10. Blackout - Blackout
Raid 11. White American Youth - Martyr
Raid 12. Nordic Thunder - True Heroes
Raid 13. Xenophobia - Silent Brotherhood
Raid 14. Saga - Sleep Well My Brother
Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Fourteenth Assault – FBAI 040418


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