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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Fifteenth Assault – FBAI 041018

FBAI 15th RA

The new concept of revolution defies military science and tactics. The new concert lightning campaigns are conducted in highly sensitive urban communities with the paralysis reaching the smaller communities and then spreading to the farm areas. The old method of guerrilla warfare, as carried out from the hills and the countryside, would be ineffective in a powerful country like the USA. Any such force would be wiped out in an hour (your Lordship would argue that would be dependent upon the environmental landscape, reasons for a rural presence and mission objectives, but you get the point.)

The new concept is to huddle as close to the enemy as possible, so as to neutralize his modern and fierce weapons. The new concept creates conditions that involve the total community whether they want to be involved or not, it sustains a state of confusion and the destruction of property. It dislocates the organs of harmony and order and reduces central power to the level of a helpless, sprawling, octopus. During the hours of daylight, sporadic rioting takes place and massive sniping. Night brings all out warfare, organized fighting and unlimited terror against the oppressor and his forces (the Northwest Independence Novels illustrate Rockwell’s statement perfectly and in great detail.)

The modern world is very noisy and the pollution throws off our senses comrades. One only needs to pay attention and listen very closely to the heart, our ancestors are with us, they always have been, I can hear them...

Storm King can be found on Bandcamp
Xurious can be found on Youtube and Twitter
Vanguard can be found on Soundcloud and Twitter
TourdeForce can be found on Facebook
Raid 1. Vanguard/Xurious - Survival (NEW)
Raid 2. Rahowa - Man Against Time
Raid 3. Zaventum - Blood In Brussels (RWDS Entertainment)
Raid 4. Storm King - Dead Oceans, One Race (NEW)
Raid 5. Piarevaracien - Oj, Kupala
Raid 6. TourdeForce - Die Toteninsel (NEW)
Raid 7. White Wolf - Nazibilly Werewolf
Raid 8. Bully Boys - Storm On The Terraces
Raid 9. Iron Sound - Pure Will
Raid 10. Holdaar - Rus and the Caucasus
Raid 11. Forteresse - La Moisson De La Libertee
Raid 12. Nemesis - It Was For Scotland
Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Fifteenth Assault – FBAI 041018


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