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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Sixteenth Assault – FBAI 041718


Hmmmmm this sounds very familiar……

'We face a Judaic State, an army that comes into our land to conquer us. Jewish population movements are effected against Romania according to a well established plan, the great Judaic council probably seeks to establish a new Palestine on a section of land extending from the Baltic Sea down through parts of Poland and Czechoslovakia, then covering half of Romania to the Black Sea, whence they could easily establish contact by water with the other Palestine' Where is the naive person who can believe that the population movements of Jewish masses occur unplanned? They come according to plan, but lack the courage to battle, to face, risks, to shed their blood in order to justify, at least by these traits, some right to this land.'

'How do we, know these plans? We know them for certain by drawing conclusions from the enemy's movements. Any troop commander attentively following the enemy's action realizes the plans he is seeking. It is an elementary matter. Was there a leader in all the wars of this world who knew the adversary's plans because he sat in on their making? No! He knew them perfectly from what the enemy did.'

'In order to break all power of resistance of the Romanian people, the Jews will apply a truly unique and diabolical plan:

1. They will try to break the spiritual ties of the Romanian to heaven, and to earth. To break our ties with heaven they will engage in widespread dissemination of atheistic theories in order to separate the Romanian people or at least some of the leaders from God; separating them from God and their dead they can destroy them, not by the sword but by severing the roots of their spiritual life. To break our ties binding us to the land, the material source of a nation's existence, they will attack nationalism, labelling it "outmoded," and everything related to the idea of fatherland and soil, in order to cut the love thread tying the Romanian people to their furrow.
2. In order to succeed in this, they will endeavor to get control of the press.
3. They will take advantage of every opportunity to sow discord in the Romanian camp, spreading
misunderstandings, quarrels, and if possible to split it into factions fighting each other.
4. They will seek to gain control of most of the means of livelihood of the Romanians.
5. They will systematically urge Romanians on to licentiousness, destroying their families and their moral fibre.
6. They will poison and daze them with all kinds of drinks and other poisons. Anyone wishing to conquer and destroy a people could do it by using this system: Breaking its ties with heaven and land, introducing fratricidal quarrels and fights, promoting immorality and licentiousness, by material ruin, physical poisoning, drunkenness, All these destroy a nation more than being blasted by thousands of cannon or bombed by thousands of airplanes…..'

That piece was from the great Romanian “Corneliu Zelea Codreanu” from the book “For My Legionaries.”

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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Sixteenth Assault – FBAI 041718


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