Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Seventeenth Assault – FBAI 042418 - Radio Aryan


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Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Seventeenth Assault – FBAI 042418


The words of Adolf Hitler:

All the great civilizations of the past became decadent because the originally creative race died out, as a result of contamination of the blood.

The most profound cause of such a decline, is that the people ignored the principle that all culture depends upon men, and not the reverse. In other words, in order to preserve a certain culture, the type of manhood that creates such a culture must be preserved. But such a preservation goes hand-in-hand with the inexorable law that it is the strongest and the best who must triumph and that they have the right to endure.

He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist…

Whisper of Runes can be found on Bandcamp
Elessar can be found on YouTube
Xurious can be found on Youtube and Twitter
BDLV/Paddy Tarleton can be found on Bandcamp
Cybern4zi can be found on Youtube
Sonne und Stahl can be found on Bandcamp
Nemini Parco can be found on Facebook
Raid 1. Xurious - Rivers of Blood (NEW)
Raid 2. Nemini Parco - White Guetto (NEW)
Raid 3. Whisper of Runes - Folkstorm of the Azure Nights (Temnozor cover) (NEW)
Raid 4. Elessar - The Hunt (NEW)
Raid 5. Sonne und Stahl - Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori (NEW)
Raid 6. HateStyleZ - For Our Youth
Raid 7. Russkiy Styag - Cruel Youth's March
Raid 8. Eternal Reich - Hotel Home (NEW)
Raid 9. Titania - Broken Generation
Raid 10. Byron de la Vandal and Paddy Tarleton - To Keep and to Bear (NEW)
Raid 11. Cybern4zi - Black Side of the Sun (NEW)
Raid 12. Moloth - Guardian Of The Forest
Raid 13. Preserve White Aryans - Don’t Forget
Presented by Lord Goyhammer

Forest Brother’s Audio Insurgency: Seventeenth Assault – FBAI 042418


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