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Mysterium Fasces: Nihilism – MF 041918

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For the fiftieth episode of Mysterium Fasces Florian Geyer is joined by Hunter Wallace from Occidental Dissent to discuss ‘Nihilism’.

Nihilism is the foundation of our current world order, we have rejected all religious and moral principles and have instead embraced moral relativism, which has led to life becoming completely meaningless for those without a true faith in God.

Civilizational integrity is reliant upon telos, which means an end or purpose and it is this very notion which nihilism fights against. Thus, Liberalism has served as the vehicle for nihilism, through its egalitarian notion that all things are equal and that truth is subjective.

Egalitarianism reflects the alchemical philosopher’s stone, if all lead can be made into gold than all gold is nothing more than lead and life is no different to death.

Because of this, nihilism as fundamentally incompatible with the human character, it is a rebellion against self, God and reason.

The values of the Enlightenment, growing out of previous nominalistic humanistic tendencies gave birth to this abortive deconstructive Jacobinism.

Nihilism always leads to idolatry and the construction of new forms to fill the void that was left behind by the old. It legitimizes hedonism, which gives way to being ruled by the passions and eventually libido dominandi, the lust to dominate others and the breakdown of all barriers and the inversion of all restraints. Liberal deconstructionism is the terminal of nihilism and it is also it’s economic motivator.

The solution to all this is found in Jesus the Christ.

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Music used this week:

Christos Anesti - Greek Orthodox Church
Faustus -  Adieu to Bon County

Presented by Florian Geyer with Hunter Wallace

Mysterium Fasces: Nihilism – MF 041918

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