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Mysterium Monologue: Christ is Risen – MM 041018


Florian Geyer hosts a solo podcast to help make up for the staggered release schedule of Mysterium Fasces this year.

First is some discussion of Easter and how important the crucifixion was for western civilisation. Christ’s death on the cross was necessary so that he could defeat death. He descended into Hades and freed the souls there leaving the way open for us to participate in his resurrection. We enter into this mystery with him through his grace and as he entered into this by his own free will, so do we.

After that we hear about the debate between Jay Dyer and Richard Spencer, which was frustrating to listen to as Spencer’s knowledge in this area is distinctly weak.

We also get some thoughts on fascism and how it is the political expression of eternal truth and the natural order. Florian points out how you have to have a theological worldview to truly understand Fascism and the only theological worldview based on the truth is Christianity.

People may say they love their race, but how do they feel about those of us who are not yet Nationalists? Loving your enemy does not mean loving the enemy, it means having familial charity to those of us who have a different world view. Ethnos needs Logos, shared blood is not enough, you can be related to someone but unless you also have a feeling of kinship with them and the sense of charity that goes with that, they might as well be a stranger.

American Nationalism on it’s own does not have enough to unite people. All we really have is a shared language and culture and that is not enough to build ethnic integrity when we have become de-racinated.

Finally he also talks a bit about the TWP tragic-comedy and what we can learn from this.

Presented by Florian Geyer

Mysterium Monologue: Christ is Risen – MM 041018

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