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Radio Free Northwest: The Immortal Trooper – RFN 041920


Harold Covington begins this week’s episode with some more of him narrating a section from one of his novels. This particular one deals with the role of Christianity in the movement and why it is counter productive to attack it.

Gretchen talks about ‘Ending White Slavery’ by Matt Hale this week, where he talks about the founding fathers and what they thought about the role of the state.

The Trucker is in Idaho and is still hitting the occasional snow flurry, he talks about the difference between a tool and a weapon as far as knives are concerned and the need for a gun.

Next up is a clip on how easy it is for White people to get to America now. If you can speak English and have a skill, then you stand a good chance of getting in so long as you don’t mind waiting and you know someone there.

Harold finishes the podcast with another chapter of Weird Aryan History on the the life of Horst Wessel.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Immortal Trooper – RFN 041920

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