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Radio Free Northwest: Internet Bloodsports – RFN 042418

rfn 042618

A very good episode of Radio Free Northwest this week.

Gretchen begins the podcast with a review of ‘The Secret Book of Adolf Hitler’ by Maria DeMarco, which is a fictional novel about Hitler’s private life including his early years that is based on historical research.

The Trucker is up next and he is at a truck stop north of Sacramento with news of some jobs that are available for tradesmen at just north of Eugene, Oregon.

Next up Harold reminds us that the Alt-Right accepts people who are morally unfit for leadership, as they do not practice what they preach. Jews, homosexuals, race-mixers and people with dodgy pasts are bad enough as fellow travellers let alone leaders. Most White men born after 1975 are damaged goods in some way or another, usually through broken homes. From the playground on White people have been raised in a society where there are no absolutes apart from no White people must be racist.

Brutus of Troy then makes an appearance talking about the one-sided relationship that is formed with Alt-Right e-celebrities and how internet blood-sports force people to defend their views and if they think they can avoid criticism, they no longer can. In this way ridiculous ideas and stances can then be eliminated.

Andy Donner then talks about debates and how a meta-analysis of them gives a counter-intuitive result. People hate being proved wrong and will often harden their hearts against admitting they are wrong, the more the facts are shown to them. Evidence does not change people’s views and the Mike Enoch’s confession to being a Jew is a good example of this. People need to figure things out on there own and this takes time.

Harold then points out that the people who lose these debates, don’t change their views, they just double-down on them. He then cites an incident where facts were presented and then totally ignored, completely to the detriment of the people concerned.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Internet Bloodsports – RFN 042418

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