South West Forum: Dr Greg White on How to Organise an Underground Movement – SW 040218 GW

Dr Greg White gave the second speech at the South West Forum, which looks at ways the government have tried to silence dissenting voices in the past and how the counter strategies that were developed could be used by us today.

Dr White was going to be campaign manager for Britain First on their first political campaign this year, but that has now been disrupted due to the jailing of Paul and Jayda for saying mean things about kebabs. The speech laws used to get this conviction are just one of many ways that the indigenous British people are being oppressed. Our history is being re-written in the schools to pretend that Negroes have always been here and television and entertainment have an explicit anti-White bias in everything shown. Every public employer has to ‘promote diversity and inclusion’ which means that anyone who disapproves of being replaced can be sacked for going against that. We also have the problem of being de-platformed everywhere which makes fund raising particularly difficult.

Dr White sees political movements as failing and street demonstrations as non-productive, but he thinks there is a third way to get our message across in flash demos and political stunts. He also advocates networking with many small groups together, all pushing the same essential message but with different ways of doing it.

Speech by Greg White

South West Forum: Dr Greg White on How to Organise an Underground Movement – SW 040218 GW

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