South West Forum: Knightmarez on Nudology – SW 040218 K


Youtuber Knightmarez came out from behind his disguise to give a speech at the South West Forum about the subject of Ludology and how it can be used to debunk the idea of hate speech and anti-Semitism laws. It predicts there will always be extremists in every community, therefore laws to prevent them will never succeed.

Knightmarez was targeted by the ‘Prevent’ anti-extremism group for discovering that ludology proved much of what Nationalists say. The encounter with them confirmed what he had found was correct and he makes the point that he continues to try and remain impartial and neither Left nor Right in his political views.

Speech by Knightmarez

South West Forum: Knightmarez on Nudology – SW 040218 K

Download (01:12:50)

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