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The Daily Nationalist: Adolf Hitler and National Socialism – DN 042018

dn 042018

Chris Cantwell joins Sven Longshanks for Adolf Hitler’s birthday to discuss the man himself and the movement he gave birth to.

Chris begins by explaining how he first came to be questioning the mainstream narrative about the subject with the help of his listeners, before then reading Hitler’s Revolution and Mein Kampf while in Charlottesville jail. There are many truths in Hitler’s book, but one particularly relevant one is the importance of the spoken word and the effect a good orator can have on his audience. Hitler’s speeches were absolutely electric and an inspiration for those of us who use the audio format.

Hitler’s concept of the State was completely revolutionary as an organic institution whose purpose was the maintenance of the race. When the highest good for the State becomes the improvement and uplifting of it’s ethnic citizens, it ceases to be an oppressive force such as the one Libertarians rail against. Instead of seeing the citizens as economic units to serve the State, the State serves the nation by ensuring that it’s people have the means to live their lives to their maximum potential.

Adolf Hitler saw life from both ends of the scale, he saw things from a point of view that career politicians will never see and because of that, he knew where the problems and faults of society were originating from. He identified the Jews as the threat that they are and he was proved correct by the massive improvement that followed after removing them from the country.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Chris Cantwell

The Daily Nationalist: Adolf Hitler and National Socialism – DN 042018


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