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The Daily Nationalist: At the Eleventh Hour – DN 042718

dn 042718

Sven Longshanks hosts a solo episode looking at Police misconduct in Rotherham, a new definition of ‘Islamophobia’ and Gerard Batten’s appointment as leader of UKIP.

Almost 100 investigations into the Police being too politically correct to investigate crimes against Moslems are taking place, yet nobody is saying anything about the reason why the Police are like this. After the sainted Steven Lawrence died, the government investigated the police and accused them all of ‘institutional racism’. We are still being reminded about this to this day, when the results of that report were 1400 White girls being refused help after being raped by savages.

The government have done nothing to put a stop to this, in fact they set up a ‘Steven Lawrence Day’ this week and are now asking Islamic apologists to help them define 'Islamophobia’ so they can put it into law. Instead of asking the British people about it or how it will affect free speech, they are asking Hope not Hate, Tell MAMA and a host of other discredited Leftists to define it.

Will Gerard Batten, the new leader of UKIP be speaking out about this? If he does, maybe he is worth supporting in those endeavours, but he still seems to be following the old self-defeating path of counter-signalling genuine Nationalist such as former members of the BNP and the NF.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: At the Eleventh Hour – DN 042718


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